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VHS-2 Bullpup at the Range

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Yesterday we took a look at the inner workings of the VHS-2, and today we are going to put some rounds through it. I am trying out both a short-barreled VHS-K2 that was limited to 2-round burst (for French police trials) and a full-length VHS-F2 from French military trials.

Overall, I quite liked the VHS. The length of pull is a bit long (I kept the stock almost fully collapsed), but the in-line layout prevents it from wanting to climb in automatic and it is a very pleasant rifle to shoot. I like the aperture sights, and the long Picatinny rail makes any optic an easy option. I also like being able to set the rifle up for left-handed ejection, but still being able to shoot it right-handed if necessary (and vice-versa). The controls are completely ambidextrous and easy to use, the weight and balance are good, and the trigger is not bad. This is definitely one of my top few bullpups!

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