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French Trials VHS-F2 Croatian Bullpup

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HS Produkt of Croatia makes an interesting modern bullpup rifle, the VHS. The rifle has gone through several major design iterations in the past two decades or so, and the most recent version (the VHS-2) was part of the competition to replace the FAMAS in French military service. It ultimately placed second, behind the HK 416, and I have been very interested to get a closer look at one for some time. Well, today I was able to!

What we have here is not just a VHS-2, but actually one of the group of rifles actually tested by the French, designated a VHS-F2. It has the longer of the two barrel lengths (about 19 inches) and uses STANAG M16-type magazines (although a FAMAS-magazine adapter was developed and offered). So let’s dig into it!

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