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Ian’s Customs: Remington Auto-8

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I have a number of interesting custom guns, and I figured it would be fun to do videos on a couple of them…let me know if you enjoys this and would like to see more like this!

Today’s example is what I call my Remington Auto-8. It’s a recreation of the FN Police Model Auto-5. Those guns were standard Auto-5 actions made with longer 8-round magazine tubes and full-length hand guards. The most well-known purchase of them was by the Rhodesian military (probably through Portugal), but they were bought in small numbers by a variety of police and security organizations. A shotgun of this pattern was also a personal favorite of Charlie Askins.

Mine was done by the shotgun wizards at Vang Comp, with their barrel (12ga), a sling, shortened stock, and modernized Auto-5 lifter that allows one-handed loading. It still has the original safety in the trigger guard, but is otherwise a pretty capable tactical shotgun…and a heck of a head-turner at the range!

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