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Ian Finally Takes a Full Auto FAMAS F1 to the Range

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Huzzah! I finally have a chance to take a proper full-auto FAMAS F1 out to the range. My conclusions? It’s very nice, just like the semiauto civilian model. It has a limited 3-round-burst option for those who need it, but also unrestricted automatic for those with enough practice to use it. The gun really doesn’t try to climb at all; the in-line design (like an AR) pushes recoil straight back into the shoulder. The rate of fire is higher than most 5.56mm shoulder rifles, measuring right about 950 rpm on this example. Automatic is of limited practical use from the shoulder, but given the FAMAS’ free floated barrel and integral bipod, it is certainly capable of limited supporting type fire from the prone position.

I may be a bit prejudiced, mais il est un magnifique fusil.

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