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Arming the Dragon: Now Hardback, and Available Standalone!<br />
By popular demand, we have made two updates to the Pistols of the Warlords Kickstarter:

First, we are offering Dolf Goldsmith’s monograph on Chinese Warlord-Era rifles, “Arming the Dragon”, as a standalone pledge.

Second, we are pleased to announce that you have ordered enough copies that we can make it a hardcover printing instead of softcover as we originally planned. So, everyone who has pledged for a copy already will get a hardcover copy. Everyone who has pledged for a Collector’s Edition book will be getting a copy of Arming the Dragon (hardcover) included with their book for free.

We were excited to be able to offer a reprint of this work in the first place, and it’s great to see how much interest you all have in it! I’m really looking forward to sending Dolf a nice royalty check that he is absolutely not expecting. 🙂

Lastly, don’t forget that we will be celebrating the last two hours of the campaign with a livestream, from 7pm to 9pm Pacific (10pm-midnight Eastern). We’ll be trying out some of the cocktails from the book, talking about Chinese guns, and generally having a good time…join us!

Want to get in on the Kickstarter before it ends? Here’s your link:

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