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An Economy Model WWSD: The Civil Defense Rifle

The initial rollout of the WWSD2020 rifles has been slow, as a shortage in a couple key components (primarily carbon fiber hand guards) has been a bottleneck in completing rifles. However KE Arms and Brownells, in collaboration with Karl and InRange and myself, opted to offer a second version to alleviate these problems. Thus we present the CDR (Civil Defense Rifle).

The CDR is a rifle designed on the same principles as the original WWSD and the WWSD2020, but with an eye towards budget and parts availability. By changing a few elements, it was possible to reduce the price about 30% without sacrificing any of the fundamentals of the rifle. Specifically, the CDR has:

– Skeletonized aluminum handguard instead of carbon fiber
– Standard recoil system instead of the JP Silent Capture
– KE Arms’ DMR trigger instead of the SLT/Rekluse
– Ambidextrous safety only, instead of fully ambi controls
– Nitrided bolt and carrier instead of chromed
– MSRP of $1249.99 instead of $1699.99

Brownells is now offering the CDR (currently in stock) alongside the WWSD2020 (on backorder while parts are sourced). For folks who are looking for a less expensive WWSD alternative, this is a great option.

Disclosure: InRange does receive a royalty from Brownells on WWSD-branded products.

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