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Pistols of the Warlords 6th Update: We’re Nearing the Final Goal Now!

Want to help us push past the last two stretch goals? Join in the Kickstarter here: />
We have broken through two more stretch goals, now exceeding $900,000, thanks to you folks! The means we are including another Warlord profile, this time of Zhang Zuolin – the “Old Marshal” of Fengtian. We will also be including a series of additional maps showing some of the changes in territorial control during the height of the Warlord Era battles in the 1920s.

This leaves only two stretch goals left to go, and the final one is going to be really exciting…

In addition, we will be celebrating the end of the Kickstarter with a livestream on the evening of Friday June 18th – so put a note on your calendar!

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