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Cocktails and Exploding Guns: Pistols of the Warlords Fifth Stretch Goals Update!

Wow! “Pistols of the Warlords” has now surpassed “Chassepot to FAMAS”, and in just 5 days! You guys are amazing…and if you don’t have your copy yet, you can certainly still join in and help us get those last couple stretch goals:<br />
Since the last update, we have unlocked three more stretch goals:
– Profile of Feng Yuxiang (the Christian Warlord)
– Custom headbands (modeled after the 5-banner Beiyang flag)

The cocktails for this book will be based on the “Paris of the East”, Shanghai in its golden age. We will have a selection of period 1930s recipes straight form Shanghai, and a set of others from Shanghai adapted to better suit modern tastes. The cocktail sheets will be bound into the Collector Edition books and included as leaflets with all other books.

We have also unveiled all the remaining stretch goals – two final Warlord Profiles, a series of additional maps showing the Clique Wars, and – most exciting – a goal to do high-speed-video testing of a pair of Warlord Era pistols to find out just how they handle actual firing (especially the 7.63mm Mauser ones).

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