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British L85A1 at the Range: Will It Work?

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I am excited to have a chance today to take a trip to the range with a proper, factory L85A1 rifle (it’s in the United States as a post-1986 dealer sample). I had a chance a while back to shoot one of these in the U.K., but I only had 10 cartridges to work with at that time. Today, I have several magazines to play around with. So, let’s give it a go! How long will it run before it malfunctions?

For all the information you could ever want on the L85 (and the whole SA80 program, from the first prototypes to the H&K A3 program), grab a copy of “Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Rifles”, by Jonathan Ferguson:

Thanks to Woody’s and Sienna for the opportunity to film this extremely rare rifle!

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