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Pistols of the Warlords: Stretch Goals Update! (also add-ons and book dimensions)

Want to get in a my cool new book launch? Check it out:<br />
Well, we hit our basic funding goal in an hour, and have proceeded to blow through three stretch goals already! I’m really excited that you folks are clearly as interested and excited about this subject as I am. 🙂

The stretch goals we have knocked out are spine hubs for all the books, gold page gilding for all the books, and an extra profile of Warlord Duan Qirui. We have lots more coming, so keep an eye on the Kickstarter campaign!

Two notes that people have been asking about:

This book is wider than our previous Headstamp books, but it is the same height – so it will line up on a shelf cleanly with our other books. The increased width was an artistic choice, to better display photos of handguns. Second, people have asked about how to get the various add-on items (bookmarks, posters, “Arming the Dragon”, etc). After you make a pledge, Kickstarter will give you a page listing all of those items, and you can pick and choose which you would like.

Thanks for the awesome support!

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