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A Friendship Forgotten: The Remington Revolvers of Tsar Alexander II

America and Russia once shared a warm and mutually beneficial alliance. Rooted in the common foe of Great Britain, the two countries enjoyed numerous similarities: intelligent leaders, architecture styles, social reform, and more.

These two masterpiece Remington revolvers represent an alliance now long forgotten. Mirror images of one another, with work by master engraver L.D. Nimschke, the pair incorporates the symbols of both nations and the beauty of their shared friendship. The exquisite presentation even incorporates nautical images, recognizing the Russian fleets visiting Union ports during the American Civil War.

Separated after the Bolshevik Revoution and reunited over 120 years after their historic presentation, this national treasure forever stands as a gift to the The Great Liberator and as a reminder to a friendship that might have been.

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