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The Augustin tube lock military rifle and the light infantry tactics of 1848-49

The tube lock system was a dead end in firearms development, but surely is an interesting concept developed by Giuseppe Console and Vincenz Augustin frorrm 1835 to 1845. This video not only presents the Jägerszutzen or military rifle for the light troops, but also tells a lot about light infantry and light infantry tactics of the Hapsburg and Hungarian Army during the 1848-49 freedom fights. And of course a lot of range time! 😉


About the Jägerstützen rifle: />How to support Capandball: />Development: />Making the percussion tube or Zünder: />Powder samples from an original cartridge: />50m shooting: />The Austrian Jägers: />100m shooting: />Hungarian Jägers of the 1848-49 war: />150m shooting: />Equipment of the Jägers: />Jäger training: />Making the cartridge: />Military loading drill with cartridges: />Military loading drill with loose powder: />Jäger tactics: />Double ball charge: />
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