The Augustin tube lock military rifle and the light infantry tactics of 1848-49

The tube lock system was a dead end in firearms development, but surely is an interesting concept developed by Giuseppe Console and Vincenz Augustin frorrm 1835 to 1845. This video not only presents the J├Ągerszutzen or military rifle for the light troops, but also tells a lot about light infantry and light infantry tactics of the Hapsburg and Hungarian Army during the 1848-49 freedom fights. And of course a lot of range time! ­čśë


About the J├Ągerst├╝tzen rifle: />How to support Capandball: />Development: />Making the percussion tube or Z├╝nder: />Powder samples from an original cartridge: />50m shooting: />The Austrian J├Ągers: />100m shooting: />Hungarian J├Ągers of the 1848-49 war: />150m shooting: />Equipment of the J├Ągers: />J├Ąger training: />Making the cartridge: />Military loading drill with cartridges: />Military loading drill with loose powder: />J├Ąger tactics: />Double ball charge: />
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