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Finnish Brutality 2021 Winter War: Clothing and Equipment with Forgotten Weapons #finnishbrutality

Ian of @Forgotten Weapons joins Mike and Fab of BotR to discuss their clothing and equipment used in Plan B of Finnish Brutality 2021: The Winter War. Ian is dressed as a Finnish soldier with Mosin-Nagant and Tokarev, Mike as a British ski trooper with Lee-Enfield No.4 and FN BDA-9, and Fab as a French Chasseur Alpin with MAS-36 and MAB 9mm.

Also includes a discussion of the proposed Anglo-French expeditionary force to Finland during the Winter War, which did not come to fruition.

#finnishbrutality is sponsored by @Varusteleka and Sako, and is a project of @InRangeTV


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