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Ian Fangirls Over Some Weird Bergmann (Prototype M1910)

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This unique Bergmann Model 1910 was made by Anciens Etablissements Pieper with a grip angled slightly back compared to the standard model. It was also fitted with a square front sight and square rear notch in place of the standard barleycorn style sights. Its serial number (8800) puts it right in the middle of pre-war Danish contract production. Curiously, it has grips of the Danish 1910/21 pattern, but was made by Pieper well before those grips were adopted, and is not a Danish-accepted pistol that was retrofitted (it also retains the 1910 style side plate latch, not the Danish 1921 screw update).

What is the story behind this gun? We really just don’t know. It appears to be completely authentic, and has the provenance of coming from the Sidney Aberman collection. In my opinion, both the sights and grip are an improvement over the standard pattern, and I find it very interesting. But then, of course I’m a sucker for all manner of Bergmann pistols…

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