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Finnish Brutality 2021: Winter War 2-Gun with a Finnish M39 Mosin

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Brought to you by Varusteleka and Sako, Finnish Brutality 2021 was run as a much-reduced private event to meet Finnish Covid-19 event size regulations. We only had three stages and 7 shooters, but the full public match has been rescheduled for October 22-24 of 2021!

I ran the match in an original Finnish Winter War uniform (and a Dutch surplus snow cover, as I did not have a Finnish example). I used a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant rifle and a Russian TT33 Tokarev pistol, although the match was predominantly rifle this time. We had one kettlebell stage, one stage on skis, and one stage on skis and also with a weighted sledge to pull. It was great fun, and I’m rather disappointed that we were not able to host the proper full match so that more people could have been able to participate.

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