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Remote Brutality: Ian’s WWSD Run – Join Us Yourself!

Covid restrictions forced the cancellation of the main Finnish Brutality 2021 match – but in its place we are running Remote Brutality 2021! This is one of the stages from the planned main match, and ice want to see your runs – and Varusteleka will give three winners some cool gear!

To enter, just film your run, and upload the video to YouTube, Instagram (must be a public account) or Facebook with the hashtags #remotebrutality and #finnishbrutality . Full details at the Remote Brutality 2021 Event Page on Facebook:

What you’ll need:
• A kettlebell, rock, backpack, or another item you can throw around weighing 20 kg (44 lbs). In the instructions, this item will be referred to as the kettlebell.
• A metal target
• A rifle
• A timer
• Fault line indicators

• There are two boxes marked on the ground, A and B, with a distance of 15 meters
• The target is approximately 50 meters from the center point of the two boxes
• The shooter starts standing in Box A or Box B, with the rifle fully loaded, on safe, held at low ready.
• The kettlebell is in the same box with the shooter on the ground.
How to perform the stage:
• At the buzzer, the shooter will go prone next to the kettlebell and acquire one hit on the target.
• The shooter will put the safety on, ground the rifle and get up. The shooter will take the kettlebell and throw it towards the other box.
• The shooter will grab the rifle, go prone next to the kettlebell and acquire one hit on the target.
• The shooter will continue in the same manner until the kettlebell crosses the fault line of the opposite box.
• The shooter goes prone next to the kettlebell in the box and acquires one hit on the target.
• The shooter will continue back towards the first box in the same manner and continue this until the 180 second par time expires.
• The kettlebell needs to be thrown underhand with one or two hands. The shooter may not spin or “shot put” it.

• Remove 10 seconds from the 180 par time for each hit made from the A or B Boxes after the first one.
• Hits from between the boxes do not count towards the final score; they only allow the shooter to move forwards.
• Violation of the kettlebell throwing technique will disqualify the shooter
• Violation of any gun safety rules will disqualify the shooter

Good luck, and have fun!

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