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Interested in Gun Law Issues? Check out FuddBusters

Channel link not working for you? Here’s one of his videos:

I don’t cover politics here, but I know many of you folks are interested or invested in gun law current events. I recently found the FuddBusters channel, and it was a real breath of fresh air in this realm – and I figured many of you would also appreciate it.

Matt Larosiere is a gun rights attorney who has recently started a YouTube channel to explain gun law and policy questions and current events without the hype and fear mongering that are so prevalent in social media. It’s called FuddBusters, and the idea is to eliminate the community “fuddlore” misconceptions that can cause so much confusion about what actually is and isn’t legal. Matt covers the actual laws, rulings, and ATF writings involved in a variety of different areas, both foundational to our firearms regulation and also about current events.

So, check out the channel if this is your thing!

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