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What’s Up With Norway and Military Scout Scopes?

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Aside from the German widespread issue of the ZF-41 type scope, I have only come across three other military uses of long eye relief optics – and they are all Norwegian! One is simply Norwegian reuse of surrendered German K98k-ZF41 scopes, including updating them to .30-06 in the 1950s (these were eventually replaced by the M59 pattern sniper). Second is a very interesting M1A1 carbine fitted with a ZF-41 scope by the Norwegian Resistance during World War Two, which is on display at the Imperial War Museum in London ( Third is an experimental Norwegian G3 sniper made with a Leupold M8 scout scope in 1968.

Both books referenced today are by Aslikd Antonsen, are written in Norwegian, and were donated to me by viewers. I don’t have any good source where I can direct you to buy copies, unfortunately.

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