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PCC Course: Lage Max31A Mk2 Submachine Gun

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How does full automatic effect a gun’s time on the PCC Cours of Fire? Well, let’s find out with a Lage Max31A Mk2 on a M11A1. I’ve got a red dot optic on the gun to simplify aiming, and so the question is how semiauto compares to bursts.

My hypothesis was that automatic fire would offer no real benefit on this course, and I was correct. Despite giving myself 50% more ammunition than allowed for previous guns, I ran dry with 6 targets still left standing. The implications for the real world are not well represented here though, as real world targets are generally not static steel plates that react perfectly to a single hit. So the extra rounds in each burst are more likely to be useful in the real world than in this sort of target presentation. Later, I will repeat the test with the same gun, but set to semiauto only.

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