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Q&A: Silencers with Kevin Brittingham of AAC & Q

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk suppressors today with Kevin Brittingham. He has been working with them for more than 25 years, over that time founded Advanced Armament, sold it to Remington, and then founded his current company, Q. He was responsible for the commercial popularity of the .300 Blackout cartridge and his Honey Badger was adopted by various Special Forces units to replace the MP5SD – and that is only a small part of his contribution to the world of silencers. My visit with Kevin was prompted by a book project we are starting about the history of military silencers, which I am very excited about – but we will make a formal announcement of that later on in the process. To receive updates on the book, make sure to sign up for Headstamp Publishing’s notification list:

For now, let’s answer some of your questions about silencers!

01:59 – Why are suppressors included in the NFA?
02:39 – How will additive manufacturing impact suppressor design?
06:48 – What is “first shot pop”, and can it be eliminated?
08:46 – Thoughts on universal military silencer use
14:02 – Measuring sound consistently
17:48 – Thoughts on USMC suppressor adoption
19:28 – Impact of a .30 caliber suppressor on a .22 caliber bore?
22:14 – Potential to use heat and pressure from a suppressor to power electronics?
23:48 – Shooting original Maxim Silencers
27:49 – “Generations” of suppressor design
31:18 – Volume vs number of baffles
32:56 – Suppressor cleaning
34:07 – “Silencer” vs “suppressor”
36:36 – First military suppressor use
37:33 – Effectiveness of multi-purpose muzzle devices (“Smuzzle”)
40:55 – Thoughts on Russian suppressed ammunition
42:25 – Are wipe-based designs held back by legal rulings?

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