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? Pick One Ep. 3 [Embassy Security] ? Vladimir Onokoy (Russian Weapons Specialist)


[Embassy Security] The Afghan Civil War is often forgotten by many in the West, and certainly not associated with the 90’s very often. With a violent conflict, needing to escort 10 people for aerial extraction essentially alone is a tall order, and considerations towards the main weapon to protect everyone requires more considerations than just the usual distance and penetration.

Consider all things: urban alley fighting, vehicle operations, enemy forces, civilians in tow, communications, and remember: the main task is to stay alive.

Our guest Vladimir Onokoy both understands the deployment and employment of weapons within the Russian small arms industry. He’s also spent a lot of time in Afghanistan and the surrounding nations with ample experience on-ground in Kabul.

What is your pick? Tell us what you think!

⚔️SCENARIO⚔️: 1992, Kabul, Afghanistan. Russian Embassy. (This is based on an actual scenario that the Russian Embassy staff faced)

The Afghan Civil War has started with Kabul engulfed in widespread street fighting. You are the Chief Security Officer at the Russian Embassy.

Kabul has been taken over by groups of Mujahidin led by ruthless Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The streets turned into the battlegrounds for technicals, rockets, and forces of Ahmad Shah Masoud, who controlled the city before are being pushed away.

Unlike Masoud, who guaranteed diplomatic immunity, Hekmatyar will not spare anyone.

Transmission comes in from Moscow that 3x (three) IL-76 cargo jets for evacuation Russian diplomats, and a few more embassies. Despite a small unit of paratroopers arriving with the jets, they are unable to assist in extraction, since they need to provide force protection for the aircrafts.

You need to escort a group of 11 diplomats to the airport, of which one is a wounded intelligence agent who can only wield a Makarov pistol, and the rest are diplomats with no weapons training, but can drive.

Gathering the group, and after all sensitive documents have been destroyed, you reach a 16 pax (non-armored) van that is in running condition in the motorpool. As the group loads into the van, you open the storage compartment to the damaged VIP limousine with two briefcases:

? [Option 1] MP5A3 with Aimpoint and Light
(This is a POF made MP5 that was captured by a Spetsnaz team years before that ended up with the embassy security staff when they could not return to Russia after mission, so the embassy security staff have been training on it and putting it to their own use)

? [Option 2] AKs74u

Both options have full ammunition loadout. Otherwise you only have your Makarov with 2 full magazines. [This is an early dawn extraction.]

*** Russian Small Arms expert Vladimir Onokoy will join us on this discussion ***

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