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M1 Carbine on the PCC Course of Fire

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Today I am running an early-configuration M1 Carbine through my standardized Pistol-Caliber Carbine course of fire. This consists of a selection of cool target systems from MOA Targets – an 8-plate dueling tree, a mini-Mozambique, and a Redneck Star. These will serve to test target transitions, precision shots, and moving targets respectively.

I expected the Carbine to do well, and it did. These targets are always a challenge with iron sights, as they are relatively small and blend into the background (especially the mini-Mozambique) – but the M1 Carbine has good aperture sights and a nice long sight radius. The 15-round magazines (and lack of automatic hold open) are also a limitation, but I was able to successfully clear the course without expending all of the 45 rounds I had available. My final time was 120.83 seconds, clearing the course successfully. Note that I did accidentally skip one of the plates on my first run through the dueling tree, but also double-engaged the static target after reloading. I figure these two basically cancel each other out.

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