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Glock Meets 1911: The Alchemy Arms Spectre

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Alchemy Arms was a company formed in 1991 making parts and accessories for both the Glock and 1911 platforms. Its founder, William McMoore, got the idea to combine elements of both pistols to make the perfect hybrid. It was essentially a Glock slide and striker-fired system attached to a 1911 style frame, with both grip and manual safeties. It was announced at the 2000 SHOT Show in .45 ACP, with plans to add 9x19mm and .40 S&W options. However, quality control and tolerancing problems plagued the production, magazines were slow to have made (many pistols were shipped with one magazine instead of the advertised two), and the refinement and development of other calibers became a money pit. The company was dissolved in 2006, with only an estimated 100-200 of the pistols having been made.

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