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Congressional Hall Rifle from the War of 1812

American history is filled with triumphant stories of the underdog. Scrappy, but passionate groups of men have, time after time, persevered through hardships in the name of American liberty. One such story involves the Aiken’s volunteers, a group of boys barely of legal age who volunteered to fight during the War of 1812. While they might not have monuments dedicated in their honor or streets in the capitol named after them, these brave soldiers not only saved the state of New York from British invasion, but lifted the nation that weeks earlier saw its own capitol city burned. Stunning the British, this story, and the rifle that embodies it, proves that even a group of teenagers can help shape a nation forever.

Offered this December at Rock Island Auction Company is an incredibly historic and rare Hall Model 1819 breech loading rifle. These are the ONLY group of rifles ever presented by Congress to for gallantry or valor. Nine of the original 17 are known to exist today, and those that do have rightfully assumed places of reverence. One currently resides at the Kent-Delord House Museum in Plattsburgh itself, while another is in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Rock Island Auction Company will be hosting another exciting event this December 4-6 that features a wide array of thousands of different historic, beautiful, and rare items from across the world and across the ages. Annie Oakley, Elvis Presley, and Tom Selleck are just a few of the names circulating this extraordinary event! Explore the online catalog available on our website today!

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