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Ainsworth Inspected Colt Single Action Army

At first glance, this Colt Single Action Army revolver looks pretty standard. However, a closer inspection reveals a wealth of historical significance and rarity that similar models simply do not possess. Discover what makes these Ainsworth Colt revolvers so valuable and why collectors are willing to trade their spurs to get their hands on one.

This December, five of these incredible Single Action Army revolvers will be available for sale during Rock Island Auction Company’s Sale of the Century. Don’t miss out on this massive auction taking place from December 4-6 with the preview hall opening on December 3. Explore the digital catalog available now on Rock Island Auction Company’s website.

00:25 Who was Orville Ainsworth?
00:58 Ainsworth Markings
01:15 Why are Ainsworth Colts so desirable?
01:54 Lot 1220 Nickel Plated Ainsworth Inspected Colt
02:58 Lot 237 Mikado Colt Cavalry Model SAA
04:10 Lost collectibles are rediscovered
04:50 What makes a Mikado Colt so unique?

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