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LeMat’s Shotgun Revolver

Jean Alexander LeMat was a physician, inventor, and gunsmith who designed one of the most iconic revolvers used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. Despite its heavy weight and slow reload time, its signature shotgun barrel was a powerful and effective feature that was favored by many high-ranking southern generals. A remarkable reflection of the contrast in industry between the North and the South, this revolver was one of the most advanced weapons in the Confederate arsenal. However, the LeMat revolver lacked the accuracy, range, and practicality to match superior weapons being designed by the Union. As a result, Southern forces would become increasingly unprepared and disadvantaged as the war progressed towards its inevitable conclusion.

Few LeMat revolvers have survived to the present day because of their limited production number and heavy use during combat. Early second model French-made LeMat revolvers are even more rare to come across, making them extremely desirable for collectors. Featured in Rock Island Auction Company’s October 8-10 Sporting & Collector Auction is a fantastic and unique selection of first and second model LeMat revolvers. Join us on Preview Day on October 7 to see what else this auction holds in store. Winchesters, Colts, and a wide array of thousands of firearms are available only at Rock Island Auction Company.

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