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Taurus Curve: My Worst Backup Gun Match Yet!

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A little while back during the summer I went to our monthly Backup Gun Match with, of all things, a Taurus Curve. Why do I even own one of those? Well, I found one new in the box at a local gun show for less than $200. Because it is such an unusual gun in a bunch of ways, I figured it really deserved a place in the Forgotten Weapons Collection. So, I bought it, and just left it in the box. Several months later, debating what to run at the match, I realized I still had that Curve, still unfired in the box. Well, 90%+ of the people who bought one of those would have done nothing but load a magazine and stick it in a pocket, so why not run it just that way? All I did was check to make sure the laser’s batteries were still working.

…not that the laser ended up making any difference. This was my worst Backup Gun Match that I can remember. Hopefully all the failure is at least entertaining!

Also, thanks to Roger for rescuing me with his G1 Yeet Cannon on the last stage!

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