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Origins of the Lee Enfield Rifle: Lee Metford Updates

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The Lee Metford MkI had scarcely been introduced when it was modified into the MkI* pattern, This was quickly followed by the MkII and MkII*, the Lee Enfield MkI, and Lee Enfield MkI*. In essence, the changes were:

Lee Metford MkI*: Change of sights to traditional barleycorn and V-notch, and removal of the manual safety
Lee Metford MkII: Update to 10-round, double-feed magazine, move sling rearward, modify cleaning rod to clearing rod.
Lee Metford MkII*: Addition of safety lever on cocking piece
Lee Enfield MkI: Change from Metford rifling to Enfield
Lee Enfield MkI*: Clearing rod removed

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