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Q&A 45: Repros, Sporterizations, and Guest Appearances by CMMG and Calico

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Today’s Q&A questions come from channel supporters on both Patreon and Floatplane. Thanks guys!

01:15 – 20th Century weapon for medieval battle
02:44 – Viability of a reproduction repeating flintlock like a Lorenzoni or Kalthoff?
Lorenzoni system:

05:21 – Hypothetical new gunpowder twice as powderful as today’s
08:00 – Early CMMG delayed systems. Guest answer by CMMG!
13:10 – WWSD 2020 content on Forgotten Weapons?
14:18 – [REDACTED] 15:29 – Good book on the M60?
16:20 – Why are Italian Old West reproductions economically viable?
20:51 – Worst sporterization I have seen
Mauser 1902 Long recoil prototype, sporterized:

22:58 – Rimmed cartridge in a Calico magazine? Guest answer by Calico!
25:24 – Why did the US buy new 7.62mm precision rifles instead of using AR-10s or M14s?
27:24 – Guns that turned out much differently than I expected
29:27 – Have governments tried to reclaim vet bring-back trophy guns?
Polish wz.38M:

32:34 – Military applications for the KP-15 / WWSD2020?
33:52 – Would the 1941 Johnson have been a better sniper than the M1 Garand?
35:12 – What is my filming process?
37:28 – Legal status of pistol-carbines in the US
41:12 – What bars did I work in, and my favorite gin cocktail
45:55 – Winchester 1873 vs 1892, why Karl and I have different opinions
47:45 – M1 Carbine vs SKS
49:13 – Examples of US small arms purchased by foreign militaries but not the US military
51:38 – Best and worst bayonets
US trowel bayonets:

53:48 – Favorite citation style?
54:49 – Would I shave my beard and mustache for a gun? Which one?

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