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H&K’s MP5 and the British SAS….. running CQB with 3-point slings (Feat. BOTR, Forgotten Weapons)

H&K’s MP5 revolutionized the role of the submachine gun for the world. In some cases, the MP5 seems to be even more proliferate than the G3, of which it was based on… but why?

Why did the SAS choose the MP5 for short distances and CQB engagements? How did the SAS use the 3 point sling to aid in their operations?

We do a deep dive into the MP5 and PTR9 in this episode.

Mike from Bloke on the Range
Ian from Forgotten Weapons
Brandon from the Gun Room

Huge thanks to:
Steve for helping us out with some filming
Kriss USA for loaning us the MP5

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