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Longslide 10mm Javelina 1911: Plate Rack Obliterator (When it Works)!

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In 1977, Arcadia Machine & Tool introduced the Hardballer, the first commercial stainless steel 1911. Stainless steel was a hot commodity, although there were some initial teething issues with slide/frame galling. Eventually, AMT introduced a number of additional 1911 models, including the Javelina – a 10mm Auto model available in standard Government length as well as the 7 inch “Hunter” alongside that we have here today. The Javelina was only made for a couple years in the early 1990s, before AMT had financial problems and the market for the 10mm cartridge lost its initial intensity. As best I can tell, about 2000 Javelinas were made between both barrel lengths.

I was rather impressed with how the gun handled when fired; it was more controllable than I had anticipated. And the 10mm projectile made a very persuasive statement on the plates! Unfortunately, it had a failure to feed about every 10-15 rounds. That was not a surprise to me, as AMT’s reputation is not all that good.

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