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An Aladdin’s Cave of Ethiopian Arms from InterOrdnance

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I have been able to bring you a bunch of videos of guns with Ethiopian connections over the last few months thanks to InterOrdnance, aka Royal Tiger Imports. They have purchased essentially the entire stock of obsolete arms in Ethiopian stockpiles and brought them to the collector market here in the US. Because Ethiopia had military support from such a wide variety of nations over the past 140+ years, and because they kept even very old rifles in stockpiles, this is a real treasure chest of collectible rifles. It is on par with things like Sam Cummings buying up the Spanish stocks in the 1950s and IMA buying out the Nepalese stocks 10 or 20 years ago.

The guns coming out of Ethiopia are often very worn, but many of them have a truly unique history and they cover nearly a century of development from single shot systems like the Burden and Gras to bolt action repeaters like the Carcano, Enfield, and Mauser to Cold War self loading rifles like the MAS 49/56, Hakim, and vz.52. For the collector, this really is a tremendous opportunity, which we are unlikely to see again for a long time.

For the record: I have no financial interest in InterOrdnance’s sales; I don’t receive a commission or kickback. I have gotten a number of rifles as they bring in different models, and those are mine to keep. I have done my best to show those rifles in the condition that I get them, so anyone considering buying something themselves can see exactly what they are likely to get.

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