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1911 vs M1 Carbine in a Practical Match

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The M1 Carbine was developed to be a personal defense weapon to replace the 1911 pistol for groups of soldiers like drivers, artillery crews, and others who did not need a full-size M1 Garand but did need a firearm of some sort. The idea was that a light carbine would be much easier to use effectively with limited training, and effective to a much longer range. Basically, the 1911 was recognized to be an expert’s weapon, and the Army needed something easier to use.

Now, many folks will take it for granted that the M1 Carbine will meet this requirement easily, but I think it will be interesting to try it out. So, today I am shooting the four stages of a Backup Gun Match with a 1911 and an M1 Carbine. This match has stages at close range and low round count – really much closer range than the M1 Carbine was expected to be capable of. So, I think this setup gives the 1911 the best possible odds. And yet, we see that the Carbine still beat it handily; with he closest stage being a draw between the two. The Carbine is easier to hit with a long range, faster to fire followup shots with, and more forgiving of errors. In short, it is exactly what the Army wanted!

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