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Brazil’s .30-06 Copy of the G43: The Mosquetão Semi-Automático M954

Sold for $5,750 with four other rifles at the February 2020 RIA Sporting & Collectors auction.

In the aftermath of World War Two, Brazil decided to adopt a semiautomatic rifle for its military, in .30-06 caliber to fit logistically with the US. Curiously, they did not choose the M1 Garand, instead opting to begin domestic manufacture of a G43 copy in .30-06. The rifles were ready in 1954, made by the Fabrica de Itajubá in Minas Gerais. However, the guns had a lot of problems – not surprising when you look at the poor construction quality – and only about 300 were made before production was cut off. Ultimately the Brazilian military would continue using updated Mauser bolt actions in .30-06 (confusingly also designated M954) until adopted the FN FAL in 1964, built in the same Itajubá factory.

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