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FAMAS PGMP w/ EOTech in a Team 2-Gun Match

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The PGMP (Poignée Garde-Main Polyvalente) handguard assembly is the original modification to allow mounting of optics to the FAMAS rifle. The FAMAS handguard was not designed to hold an optic, and is not nearly stable enough to retain zero. The PGMP adds a hefty metal block to secure the optics rail to the body of the rifle, and also includes a mounting point for a laser designator or other accessory on the side of the handguard. These are used with a variety of optics in French military service, including Scrome 4x scopes and EOTech holographic sights (the Army is purchasing Aimpoiint CompM5 red dots for the new 416F rifles). The Scrome is extremely rare in the US, so I chose to set it up with an EOTech. It has a very high cheek weld (chin weld, really), but it does work alright.

Today’s match is a two-main team setup, where booth shooters engage different sets of targets simultaneously, and the team’s time ends when both sets of targets are neutralized. On the handgun section (the second half of each stage), the faster shooter can help complete his partner’s targets is opportunity allows.

Thanks to Jordan for joining me for this match, as Karl was not able to attend.

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