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Last of the Czech Mausers: the East German TGF1950 Goes to Ethiopia

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The last batch of Mauser K98k rifles made by Brno after World War Two was a run in 1950 for East German border guards. These rifles have receivers marked “tgf 1950” in a style just like the wartime German arsenal codes, but where the codes were random letters, this one stands for “Tschekoslovakische Gewehr Fabrik” or Czechoslovak Rifle Factory in German. The rifles are very rare in the US, having remained in East Germany until the late 1970s, when a relationship developed between the new socialist government in Ethiopia and the DDR. A batch of the tgf 1950 Mausers was supplied to Ethiopia as military aid around this time.

Thanks to InterOrdnance for giving me access to these rifles to bring to you!

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