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SIG 550-1 Sniper: Answering a Question Nobody Asked

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Today at the Kessler auction house in Kreuzlingen Switzerland (direct link prohibited by YouTube), we are taking a look at a SIG 550-1 Sniper model. This is mechanically a SIG 550, aka Sturmgewehr 90, but made to a very high level of quality control and fitted with a number of elements suitable for a marksman’s rifle. It has a long (25.6 inch / 650mm) and heavy barrel, a thoroughly;y adjustable folding stock, a nice bipod, a Hensoldt scope, and a redesigned match trigger.

The rifle was originally designed at the request of the Swiss police, not the military. It met their requirements quite well, but only got one other significant order (the Jordanian Royal Guard). The problem was that it was chambered for the 5.56 x 45mm cartridge, and was extremely expensive. Most police and security potential purchasers preferred a rifle in a heavier caliber, typically 7.62mm NATO. Well, for the same weight and price as the 550-1 Sniper you could get a rifle like an H&K PSG-1, which offered all the qualities of the SIG but with a larger cartridge.

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