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Shanghai Municipal Police Colt 1908 in Competition

Update: I came in 3rd place of 33 competitors, with a total score of 71.

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Today I am shooting a Colt 1908 originally issued to the Shanghai Municipal Police in 1925. The gun was chosen for issue by William Fairbairn, who is best known for training OSS and SOE operatives in hand-to-hand combat techniques during World War Two. Fairbairn worked for the Shanghai city government modernizing and running their police department in the 1920s and 1930s; one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the work at the time. He chose the 1908 Colt Pocket Hammerless for his Chinese officers, complete with a few custom modifications.

Frankly, the Colt 1908 is a fantastic pistol. I had a great time shooting this one today – it was flawlessly reliable, accurate, and fast. What more can you ask?

General Rules for the B.U.G. Match:
Score is points minus time. Time is recorded as the number of full seconds only (ie, 5.75 seconds is scored as 5). All targets are worth up to 7 points. Steel that falls is full score, and 3 points per hit that does not cause it to fall. Paper targets are worth 7 in the head, 5 in the A zone, 3 in the C zone, and 1 in the D zone. Shoot as much or as little as you like; no penalties for missing or not engaging.

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