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Bernardelli VB: Not Actually a Beretta 38 Copy

This is Lot 1069 in the upcoming October 2019 Morphys Extraordinary auction.

The Bernardelli company, known mostly for sporting arms, made an effort to break into the law enforcement/military/security market in the year after World War Two. This Model UB submachine gun was manufactured in 1948 and 1949, with a total of about 500 made. While it looks like a copy of the Beretta 38/42 at first glance, it actually differs in almost every detail. The receiver length is different, disassembly is different, sights, bolt handles, ejection ports, safeties, triggers, and recoil springs are all different and not interchangeable. At about this same time, Bernardelli also introduced tow different types of 9x19mm service pistol, which were similarly unsuccessful.

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