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Off Topic: Swissclassic Biwak 2019, 3 day 62km Alpine hike with camping

A little off-topic video in which Bloke takes a little wander in the Swiss Alps on the Swissclassic Biwak 2019, from Oey-Diemtigen to Lenk Simmefälle over 3 days. 62 flat km, 110 Leistungskilometer once you take into account the considerable height gain. And yes, we got somewhat wet and rather muddy, as well as a bit lost in the cloud!

Swissclassic organise a couple of multiday supported hikes per year, and take care of camping spots with fires, food etc. Here’s a link to this particular event: I shall definitely be doing another one of theirs at the next opportunity!

Always liking to double up, he’s also testing some clothing from Varusteleka and there’s a full post mortem kit review here:


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