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FairTube and the YouTubers Union

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Thanks to you who support Forgotten Weapons on Patreon, I am insulated from YouTube ad revenue issues – but that doesn’t mean that monetization doesn’t have an impact on my work. The flagging that goes with demonetization also dramatically impacts YouTube’s algorithmic suggestion of videos. A video that gets flagged for demonetization also gets its distribution squashed – people don’t see it unless they search it out specifically.

Today, YouTube deliberately treats its content creators like enemies. YouTube will not tell us what the actual rules are that get videos censored. I have been literally told by YouTube employees that they cannot and will not do so. I suspect this is because the rules are largely subjective, and enforced by call centers full of minimum-wage workers around the world who neither know nor care about issues they are censoring, and are motivated only by quota and timecard.

Want some concrete examples? A German WW2 Panzerschreck rocket launchers is acceptable but a Civil War Cofer revolver is not. The FG42 vs BAR 2-gun match is acceptable, but the FG42 vs M1 Garand match is not. Shooting a Canadian sterile 8mm Bren is acceptable, but the video describing its history is not.

What Jörg Sprave and the YouTubers Union are hoping to do with their partnership with IG Metall is convince YouTube to actually work with its creators. Provide us some basic transparency and actual partnership, using the possibility of very real and very serious lawsuits in Europe as a bargaining chip. Unless you want to see YouTube devolve into just another cable TV outlet, you should support their efforts.

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