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Q&A 31: Russian and Soviet Arms w/ Max Popenker

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We are joined today by Max Popenker to answer your questions about Soviet and Russian firearms:

00:32 – Russian-contract Colt 1911 pistols
01:33 – Clarification on SVD accuracy standards
02:57 – Is the PSO-1 BDC calibrated for LPS ball or 7N1?
03:57 – What was the purpose of the IR detection in the PSO-1?
04:58 – Did Izhmash AK quality drop during Perestroika?
06:20 – Was the Soviet 5.45mm development influenced by US 5.56mm?
08:07 – Why no English books on Soviet arms?
10:58 – Russian reports on the vz58?
12:32 – How common was Soviet SMG issue during the latter half of WW2?
14:05 – Good source for detailed SKS history?
15:01 – Soviet arms trials seem more realistic than American ones – it this true?
16:31 – Why did Czechoslovakia not use the AK?
17:41 – Thoughts on AK-12 and AK-15?
19:04 – Purpose of Groza, VSS, and SR-3 (9x39mm rifles)?
20:54 – Koborov delayed-blowback rifles
22:38 – Russian development of helical AK mags?
23:32 – What happened to PPSh-41 SMGs after the PPS-43 was introduced?
25:30 – Why did it take so long for Russia to use aperture sights?
26:27 – Was Soviet small arms procurement as hampered by bureaucracy as American?
28:00 – Was the SKS used in the Battle of Berlin?
29:20 – Naval Infantry use of the SVT-40
30:36 – Why was 9×18 adopted to replace 7.62×25?
32:14 – Will 9×39 continue to see service in the future?
33:25 – What small arms elements did the USSR copy from Finland besides the Suomi SMG drum?
34:13 – Russian preconceptions about western or American guns
35:49 – If the SVD was a designated marksman’s rifle, what was the sniper rifle?
37:27 – The 12.7x55mm cartridge
39:12 – Why has Russia not replaced the 7.62x54R with a rimless round?

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