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An Ambitious New Project for Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons began as an archive for historical firearms data – photos, manual, trials reports, and more. Over the years it has evolved into a daily video channel, but I would like to expand back towards my original vision for the site. However, I have no available time to put into sourcing, curating, and organizing a significant archive, because I am continuing to produce daily video. So, I would like to be able to hire a professional curator to oversee a new incarnation of, complete with a budget to pay researchers. This is an ambitious goal, and the financial cost of providing a competitive salary for a qualified person as well as a budget for paying researchers is pretty daunting.

In theory, this could perhaps be financed through advertising. However, I would much prefer to keep the site an oasis of ad-free content in an internet that is awash in popups and banners. From the other side, most major online ad networks aren’t willing to work with sites that focus on firearms. Considering both of these issues, I would much prefer to have the project funded directly by those of you who want to see it happen.

I have made a couple tweaks to the Forgotten Weapons Patreon page to reflect this project. I don’t have specific perks for supports figured out yet – I need to consider what will be valuable and desired without compromising the fundamental goal of making the archive information all freely, readily, and easily accessible.

If you think this is a project worth doing, let me know and please consider showing your support directly via Patreon.


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