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Charola Y Anitua: Tiny Spanish Broomhandles

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Manufactured from 1899 until 1905, the Charola y Anitua pistols (later becoming just the Charola pistols) were basically scaled down C96 Mauser designs chambered for the 5mm Clement and 7mm Charola cartridges. They were briefly tested by the Spanish military, but not adopted and ultimately only sold on the commercial market. A total of about 8400 were made, probably split about 50/50 between the two calibers. By the end of production they were made with detachable magazines in the hopes of competing with the other guns then available, but with their rather bulky ergonomics and underpowered ammunition they would not survive long.

The information in this video cam form Leonardo Antaris’ excellent book “Astra Pistols & Selected Competitors”, available on Amazon here: .

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