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Mud Test: Gewehr 43

The G-43 is an improved G-41 in which the rather wonky and heavy gas system of the G-41 was replaced with a short-stroke piston that was nearly directly copied from the SVT-40.

In addition to modifying the gas system, they also added a 10 round detachable box magazine and a scope rail (for which a small number were fitted with the ZF-4 scope to serve as designated marksman rifles).

The G43 is so mechanically similar to the G41 that a large number of the parts are entirely interchangeable. Both rifles are chambered for the full power 7.92×57 8mm Mauser cartridge.

The mass produced American M1 Garand failed the InRange mud test miserably, only being able to fire 1 round. Did the German engineers do better in this regard? Let’s find out!

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