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BotR Exclusive! Swiss 10.4mm G150 subsonic precision rifle for the P-26 stay behind organisation


Bloke gets a rare chance to take a hands-on look at the super rare Swiss G150 subsonic precision rifle developed for the cold-war P-26 stay-behind resistance organisation. This rifle is in 10.4x33mm, aka .41 Magnum, but with a huge great 408gn bullet for quietly smashing up Soviet communications equipment, radars etc. from a safe distance of up to 200m. It’s built on a commercial Sauer rear wedge-locked action and has a 3 shot box magazine, topped with an unmarked German scope with a BDC drum, and was made in extreme secrecy for P-26, partly by SIG, partly by gunsmiths in the organisation. More on P-26 here:

By the way, this video required not only the permission of RUAG, but also of the Swiss Army to be released for publication! Thanks so much to both of these organisations for allowing me to film and for allowing me to publish!

WARNING: a$$hattery in the comments by people who want to show off how ignorant they are of Switzerland in WW2 and the Cold War, or of the law of neutrality, will be at best laughed at, at worst deleted.

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