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Book Review: La Régia Fabbrica d’Armi di Terni

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This is no ordinary firearms reference book. This is a 900-page, nearly 12 pound tome in Italian. And not justify Italian; hand-written cursive Italian. With a substantial number of hand-painted illustrations. It is about the history of the Terni Arsenal and its products, from the needlefire Carcano through the M91 in World War Two. I can’t read Italian, but the sections at the end covering a number of unusual experimental weapon designs persuaded me to order a copy, and I don’t regret it (although it is an expensive book, at about $150 shipped depending on where you buy it). I really can’t offer any review of the text content as a result, but if the depth and scale of the information matches that of the illustrations, it must be quite substantial. Definitely not a book for everyone – or even for very many – but it’s quite the impressive work to look at!

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