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Lugerman’s .45 ACP Target Model Luger

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Eugene Golubtsov – aka Lugerman – has been building beautiful .45 ACP Lugers base don the original DWM technical data package for the 1907 trial Luger for a little while now. We previously looked at one of his standard guns, and today I have a chance to do some shooting with the long-barrel target model. Of all the different varieties he makes (compact, classic, target, hunter, and carbine, in both .45 ACP and 10mm Auto) I think this is hands down the most awesome. And unlike the other .45 Lugers I have shot, these actually work!

And that’s exactly what a gun like this is for; to be awesome. Like a Rolex or a Ferrari, it is an extravagant example of what is possible beyond the limitations of practicality. For the people who can afford to indulge in this sort of thing, I think that it is a fantastic blend of historical inspiration, match accuracy, and solid reliable pistolsmithing. It sure does make that spinner look easy…

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