?Kar98k Sniper to 1,100yds: Practical Accuracy (Milsurp)

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?Current record holder – lowest round count for optic-ready service rifle
The WW2 Kar98k Sniper (Scharfsch├╝tzengewehr) was a formidable enemy to allied soldiers, and rightfully so. The 4x (sometimes 6x) ZF39 scope was a tool widely understood by German snipers to have effective hits out to 600m, and the longest confirmed kill out past 1km. We put that to the test.

This late-war Kar98k rifle wears a 4x Optikotechna scope on a Short Side Rail and was assembled by Mike Cramer. The scope has no clicks on the dial. These WW1-WW2 era sniper rifles employ a lock-screw turret scope, so adjustments are a lot less precise when compared to our modern scopes.

You can contact Mike at cramerica1@yahoo.com, he operates from the Ft. Hood, Texas area.

On an off note, gamers actually know of the Kar98k from Doc and Should shredding it on PUBG…

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German WWII Mauser Rifle Sling K98k

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Ammunition used: hand loaded 7.92x57mm/8mm Mauser cartridges, 200grain Nosler custom projectiles to match the WW2 Wehrmacht sniper spec cartridges. These rounds were quite the thumper…

Distance Conversions:
150y – 137m
200y – 182m
250y – 229m
300y – 274m
350y – 320m
400y – 366m
450y – 411m
500y – 457m

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