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TAB: Channel Update & Patreon

Hi guys, this is just a short video to update you on a few miles stones we’ve hit recently. We recently passed 2,500 subscribers and over 100,000 total views! Which is incredible. Sadly, we had some technical issues in this video – Matt was interrupted by a pretty vocal flock of birds and Vic had some issues with his audio – such is life!

Firstly we wanted to thank everyone for watching, liking, subscribing and sharing our channel and our videos – we have been humbled by the response and love talking to you guys. Secondly, we wanted to formally announce the launch of the Patreon page to support the channel.

The Patreon has been live for the last 5 months but we chose not to publicise it as we wanted to prove to our viewers that we were worth supporting! We have a full blog explaining more about why we are now launching the Patreon over on the TAB website and on Patreon.

Our Patreon page can be found here:

The channel is not monetised via YouTube, due to concerns about fickle algorithms. As such we rely on you guys for sharing the videos and telling friends about the channel – which so far has seen us grow beyond anything we imagined. Thank you!

So now the Patreon is live and we ask for what support you can give as your help will only enable us to devote more time to bringing you the stories of some truly fascinating firearms.

Thank you for watching & thank you for your support! – Matt & Vic.

Where to find TAB:

Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and spread the word!

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